Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Unexpected stay

Well, we're back at ACH for an overnite stay. We came yesterday for his ct scan and the good news is the mass is completely gone and all his organs look great. The only question mark was that right kidney that had popped up before with some curious happenings. We came back bright and early to clinic today for his spinal and kickoff to Phase 2. His spinal gave him a hefty dose of chemo for his brain and those cells that were found when he was first diagnosed. Then, surprise, surprise. We have to be admitted overnite for observation. Brayden was NOT happy because he didn't see it coming and the look on mom and dad's face demonstrated we didn't either. We're so thankful we made plans for Hershey and happened to pack extra and were actually prepared. We seem to live in the 'just in case' mode anymore. The bad news is they had to put a catheter in and are doing some testing. They want to be sure this hefty chemo that can wreak havoc on their kidneys doesn't cause any problems for him. We'll know more about that tomorrow. I'm thankful they're being thorough just in case there are any issues we don't want the chemo to make them worse. Especially once we get home. He's on 4 new chemo meds and we've learned this phase of treatment will last for 60 days, if no interruptions with infections or delays or response concerns.
The other good news is his counts have increased again so hopefully we're going into chemo ahead of the game just a little. He's liked getting to visit Camp Wanna Play twice today and a venture outside and feels more free than the last visit. Mom and dad aren't pumped to get to sleep in chairs again so we all can't wait to go home tomorrow.
We enjoyed a great celebration weekend of REMISSION!! We FINALLY got to see just a couple of family members on restricted visits and that made us all happy to have some adult interaction! It definitely helped Brayden since he misses everyone so much! We still have to be cautious with visitors but being able to see a few of the family for the first time in what, 3 weeks, was great!
The funniest thing this weekend was Saturday morning. Dad and I were up early cleaning the house. Brayden strolls out of bed 3 hrs later and QUOTE OF THE DAY:
"It smells like a swimming pool in here!" Okay, I guess I went overboard on the bleach!!
From Brayden - He wanted to say hi to everybody and thank you for praying for him. He's pumped to ALMOST be done with 3rd grade schoolwork and probably excited to not have mom harping on him. He's been quick to inform me on more than one occasion I'm not doing it the way Mrs. M does it!! Gee, thanks! I know he's missing being at school for the assembly and the last day of the year. We're going to miss calling in each morning and reading together, hearing the jokes, and getting to visit with everyone! Thanks so much for signing the yearbook. You guys are so awesome and we can't wait to see you later in the year in 4th grade!!

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  1. Brayden,
    We are thrilled everytime we hear a good report. Continue to take this journey one step at a time, knowing God has it laid out for you and has given you what it takes to make it through.
    We have so enjoyed hearing you each morning and I'm so proud of how well your reading sounds and have enjoyed your discussions about the book.
    You have blessed your whole class and teacher with how brave you have been and how even through your trials your prayer request was for us to have a good day.
    We are counting the days when you can return to ACA and be with us again. Until then, know that you are in our prayers and thoughts and above all, know that God is guiding you each step and is always there right beside you.
    Love and prayers,
    Mrs. McCall