Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring or Winter?

WOW! You know it's Arkansas when you have a swing of 73 degrees and the next day you're stocking up for a possible winter storm. Literally, 3 days later, it's sleeting outside. I went to pick up Brayden from school yesterday for his weekly chemo visit and he was jumping up and down as he waited his turn. He barely got the car open before screaming, "School's already closed for tomorrow!" What? I was relieved to not have to hold my breath and worry about traveling on the ice on our hills and curves to get him to school but was laughing a little. be young and think ice=school closing and not ice=power outages and worry for your family!! My sister said it best; it's not like we will starve in 2 days. I will say the -6 actual temp has me a little nervous following this storm. Snow is one thing; ice is another in NWA. We've been burned before!!

Brayden's weekly chemo visit went well. His counts were all in good shape. His adorable nurse gave him some yummy hot chocolate while we waited talking mostly about the impending weather. His counts were in a good range - not too high and not to low - so it's a good week! He's feeling good this week and loving the less pills each day with steroid week becoming a distant memory. We'll hope he doesn't have the nausea today after his methotrexate chemo yesterday. You never know if it will bother him from week to week.

He loved getting outside and soaking up the warm air on Saturday. As for today, he's getting ready to play in some more snow! Of course, that will be after 10, I'm sure, before he wakes up. Hopefully he'll get some good sleep. Mom? Well, a little nervous and on edge worrying about a power outage, but we're praying we stay warm & cozy to enjoy the snow. We pray the same for you!!