Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009


Thanks for putting up with me on the last post. I'm working to stay in the present and just live moment to moment. Beyond that is more than I can fathom right now. But I don't want to stay so consumed with all the what-if's and miss the gifts of now. I know the prayers have helped me move into the next phase of coping with all of this new reality we have together, so thank you so much. I'm so thankful for the reprieve Mother's Day brought. It's been a beautiful two days: Azaleas still in bloom, the baby birdies left their nest, the squirrels are stealing the deer corn (Brayden says they're piglets), and every ray of sunshine is a gift. Brayden and I stole no more than 5 minutes outside Saturday afternoon and it was blissful! It took a lot of coaxing to get him out. I think he's so self-conscious about having to wear the mask. But it was so nice once we got out there. We have to be cautious but I figured the Vitamin D would do us both good. Then I had to persuade Brayden I really know what I'm talking about that we can get Vitamin-D from the sun. Okay, now that I'm actually putting it out there in writing, I'm second-guessing myself. It is Vitamin-D, right? ANYWAY...

We've had some questions on how long his hair has gotten. I'm still losing more hair than he is! I forgot to note from our last ACH visit that his Dr. said if Brayden didn't lose his hair in the first phase of chemo treatment (called Induction) he'd definitely lose it in Phase 2. Bummer...but I think the extra time he's had with it has been a blessing in giving him more time to get used to the idea. He finally said today he's ready to try the trimmers. I just want him to go crazy with it! MOHAWK! MOHAWK!! MOHAWK!!! Say it with me...MOHAWK! Unfortunately I can't convince him just yet. On American Idol, I was showing him how cool the one guy from Daughtry looked with one and he was quick to remind me the guy from No Doubt was wearing a "ballerina dress." Okay...he got me there. Am I going to regret convincing him of the mohawk look when he's 15? Probably...remind me of this when we get there.

Mother's Day was hands-down the best one ever. I've always tried to focus on the joy of the day, but this year, it was so crystal clear and nothing to focus on because the tangible appreciation for the day and what we have to celebrate was everywhere. I was woken up to a lovely breakfast in bed (That NEVER happens) with coffee, toast, and strawberries! It lasted 2 minutes before Brayden's blood sugar bottomed out and we had to get it kicking with the real breakfast. Wanna hear what he ate? Let's say the steroids are working; he's prepping his body for Phase 2 of treatment. And did I reassure you he's gained the weight back he lost in the hospital? We're so celebrating he's eating and he's healthy. It still amazes me to compare his eating habits from 3 weeks ago to now. NIGHT AND DAY!! Two weeks ago, breakfast could be yogurt, wheat germ, MAYBE a granola bar or nutri-grain bar. On another day, small bowl of oatmeal and a few blueberries with a BABY glass of milk. On a fun morning, a cheese omelet and turkey bacon (his fav). So the typical Jones breakfast now? Banana (to tide him over until I can finish cooking), 3 eggs, 4 slices turkey bacon, whole wheat english muffin, my piece of toast I didn't get to fast enough, 2 glasses of milk (we've all but packed away the baby cups), AND, some yogurt and granola. This is the part where I thank Clorox again so I can divert my grocery funds away from the cleaning supplies and detergents and be thankful to use them to feed our growing boy!!!!! Through the family calls yesterday, he was proud to repeat the morning menu for his grandparents. We're going to stop there with the menu and not bore you with the other meals (and snacks) to get through. I'm definitely working to be as creative and healthy as possible. Thankfully, he's back loving his fruits and having his salads at dinner and gulping down the V8, so his old tastes are back again and it's helping him get revved up and ready for Phase 2, where his appetite may diminish. So you won't hear me complaining about what he's eating now...

DISCLAIMER: Don't judge Brayden as being too pale next to my natural (ahem) tan skintone. Somehow, my tan is holding on from before! And he always looks that pale in our pictures together.
So along with a lovely day of breakfast in bed, there were cards that were such a treat to receive and UNO! Bray and I love a good game. Dad? Not so much....So I'm opening our new pack of UNO cards and shuffling the deck and dealing when we get our QUOTE OF THE DAY! Mom: "Who goes first?" Brayden: "I'll let you go first, mom...since it's Mother's Day." Which is a SHOCKER since it is ALWAYS the other way around. We don't keep score, but I beat him 2 games to 1 - ha!

We've honestly been celebrating the past 48 hours the best days EVER! He woke up with a renewed energy yesterday. He's been up and playing and seems to be retaining more and was EAGER for schoolwork again and knocked it out! He's done so great. He was asking to help with dinner, clean the counters, fold laundry. My little man was back! All the hugs and smiles certainly make things easier for me as a momma. We're so thankful for these good days and that he's still feeling good. Momma's trying to not panic as much. From my itchy throat and a sneeze scaring me into thinking I was getting sick to Brayden's miniscule paper cut that we thought was nothing (even after cleaning it) that was a little pink yesterday morning. I know it's harder for him to heal right now, but that paper cut definitely was weighing me down. Things are looking better and we're preparing for our next trip to Little Rockin 2 days. Then please pray for us for next week's visit. It's the biggie and we're probably going to plan to stay overnight since he'll be having so many more procedures done and we don't know how late it will be before they get him all set to go home. I'll try to post as soon as I can the results that we'll have on his bone marrow blasts and spinal. That is the day we're hoping to hear early Remission...May 20th. Pray for us because Brayden will not be able to eat after midnight the night before and if you were paying attention in the earlier part of the post, this could get ugly on the 3 hr drive down....Love to you all!


  1. I am so glad you had a good mother's day and that Brayden is bouncing back after chemo. I think of you all daily and often. I am glad you got some vitamin D! (yes, you are correct, it's D) I am so impressed with Brayden's eating. You both look great; I love your photo!


  2. Happy Belated Mother's Day!!! I'm so voting for the Mohawk!!! And he should make it blue!!!! Prayers for you all: praying for strength in Chemo, praying for good test results, and praying for peace of mind for you and Bryan, praying for early remission. Are you sure he didn't let you win on Uno since it was Mother's Day?:)
    Love - Trish, Ken, Grace, & Logan

  3. Brayden,
    Hope you get to feeling better! We are missing you at school and are praying for you! I want to see you with a mohawk! Give hershey a hug for me!

    Faith Honn

  4. Hey Brayden,

    I think every guy should try a Mohawk at least once in their life. I even freaked out my mom when I got one. She dropped me off at the barber shop while she went to the grocery store. She expected me to get a little taken off the ears. When she came back I was sitting outside on the steps. She walked right past me and went inside to find me.

    I saw a guy at the mall yesterday with a mohawk. It was dyed a bright blue and puke green! Ewe! I wouldn't go that extreme.


    Great-uncle Jerald

  5. Great picture of you two!!


  6. Brayden,
    Go for the Mohawk dude! It is the one time in your life you will be able to get away with it! Since things are crazy in your life, let your hair match! So glad you all had a good Mother's Day and glad to hear that Brayden was able to go outside for a few minutes! Baby steps, but progress! Will definately be praying for May 20th.
    Mrs. Golaway