Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Battle for Hope 10k Race

Thanks to Aunt Stephie for running this race for Cancer reasearch in Brayden's name. Even while in the rain and thunder this morning, she journeyed on for him. While we all snoozed! I told her, "Ah. What a great day to sleep in and nap! I mean, what a great day to run a race!" All joking aside, this was a great cause and Brayden is so proud of his Aunt Stephanie for doing this, no matter how crazy she is and how soaked she was! She's quite the athlete we all aspire to be and we love her so much! I've said many times she's been my rock through all of this and has done so much for me and Bryan (AND Brayden) without us even knowing what to ask for. Then...we got a call she'd been in a wreck. Just a few hours after the race, Steph's car was totaled. Please pray for her. She thankfully walked away with no injuries. She won't know tomorrow if she's sore from the race or the wreck! We're so glad she's okay and it's been such a rough two weeks for her being away from her kiddos to help us in Little Rock. Dropping everything, including work and her family, to be there for us. You deserve some R&R! We love you!!! Brayden is so proud of you!!

Playing Light Sabers with her iphone (there's an App for that) with Aunt Steph at ACH

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  1. A very special thank you to Aunt Stephanie for running this race for Cancer Research in Brayden's name! Lord knows that Nini couldn't have done that 6 miles without keeling over! lol!

    NOTE: I just wanted also to thank all those who read this blog & belong to the "Girl's Night Out Scrapbook Club", because our club "sponsored" Aunt Stephanie to run this race in Brayden's name. So cool that all of you are helping him & you might not have even known it! Thank you! - Brayden's Nini Nett