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Jones Family
November 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Prayers all around

Thanks, Mrs. Campbell. The prayer map is such a great idea (and, yes, a great geography lesson). Brayden sees it everyday and was loving seeing all the tabs he got to put all over the US (and New Zealand!) showing him how many people are praying for him. It was pretty emotional for mom writing out the tabs and going thru all the emails and picking up all the locations from those who have sent them neat! What a physical representation for him to see each day of how many prayers are being sent up for him! And let me assure you, he placed each and every one of them!!!

Brayden wants everyone to know: "I'm doing really good. Thanks for asking. I'll see you guys soon once I get to feelin' better."
To Kyle - my favorite Star Wars character is Plo Koon. Just kidding! It's really Anakin - before the dark side.
To Lauren L. - About my DS games, now I have: Legos Star Wars, I have Super Mario Bros, Lego Batman, I have Phineas & Ferb, Trackmania, Super Collapse, Ultimate Band, Shaun White Snowboarding, Collapse Pharaoh, 7 Wonders, Sonic Rush, and Club House Games. WHEW!
To ACA 3rd graders - Hi! Thanks for praying for me. Hopefully you guys are enjoying school.

We've gotten some fun packages lately. Thank you for all the emails, cards, notes of encouragement. Thank you to Miss Dorothy for the cool Star Wars Legos. Have I said yet how stunned I am we have had no duplicates? Brayden opened them right away and is putting them together as we speak (um, type!). He loved the sticker book and was working on it earlier! That was so sweet and thoughtful of you to send to him. Thank you for the sweet card. To Kristin & Family - thank you for the awesome games for the car/travel! To Sara R. and Family - thank you for the gift card. It is so appreciated. To Robert & Marcia - you are part of our family and always have been. Your card brought me to tears and your gift was overwhelming. To Nini & Papa David - thanks for hooking Brayden up with some snacks (his words) and for the adorable scrapbook of Hershey. To Uncle Buddy & Aunt Vicki & Family - thank you for the card and the gift. So amazing...we feel so blessed. To the Malt-O-Meal ladies - your goodie box was amazing and we're loving it all! Brayden's put the games and DVD's to good use already and the snacks and yummy baked goods mom & dad are excited about too! The gas cards are such a blessing. I so hope I haven't left anyone out. I'm so worried I will. i try to keep things organized and remember/make notes of those we haven't thanked yet and I'm terrified I'll forget or overlook something. We appreciate everyone so much.

I think I forgot to mention the 500-mile round trip Little Rock will be each week for us. So everything is such a help and a blessing. We've both been working this week and trying to fit everything in and get in a routine. It's not been as easy as I'd hoped. We're seeing glimpses of normalcy creep in, like when we finally got to watch American Idol live again this week. It was our family routine before and we had gotten behind with the time at ACH so we were happy to get caught up and see who's left. Brayden says, "Go KRIS!" Okay, so we have been rooting for him since Day 1 being an Arkansas boy. He seems like such a genuine guy and so full of natural talent! Let's face it, though. This season is so much more talented than the previous ones, so it's been a fun one. I've gotta tell you the Quote of the Day. While hearing of the appearance of Kris in Conway (and knowing it's on our way to Little Rock) Brayden said, "Oh, we are SO going!" Yes, it now seems not so far away, but imagine mom's face when hearing him say this and thinking of the crowds of GERMS...I mean, people. No, we'll have to pass this time and watch on tv and keep rooting for him.

Thank you again for the prayers. If you didn't see your locale marked, please leave a comment and mom will happily get a tab ready for Brayden's next geography lesson!


  1. Brayden,

    I know there is a church in Lake Havisu City, AZ praying for you. It is my Aunt's church. Also, people in Escondido, CA; Oceanside, CA; San Diego, CA; La Mesa, CA; La Jolla, CA; Pittsburgh, PA and Joplin, MO.
    Mrs. Golaway

  2. Hi Brayden~(& Bryan& Lisa) Put Orange, California on your map too....good friends praying for you. Guess what? My oldest daughter got a ticket to see Kris Allen in his concert tonight!!! She lives in Conway and goes to UCA too. (She hoped it wouldn't rain.) Besides being really talented, everyone says Kris is a super nice Christian guy. Pretty cool. Hope your are feeling pretty good. Icky sticky tape and all.
    Julie Butler (ACA)

  3. Put Louisiana, Missouri on the map. It's outside of St. Louis on the Mississippi River.


  4. Hey Brayden,
    You can add Naples, Fl., Mustang, Ok., Acron, Ca., Katy, Tx., St. Clair, Mo. & Washington state to your map. Thanks for keeping up on the blog. We check it every day.
    Kathy S. (ACA family)

  5. WOW!!! That is cool. I wish I could have one of those maps. It looks amazing. You are so cool Brayden. I am excited for you. Congrates on how long the list is getting of people who are praying. Were with you. Love you guys and miss you. Did you get our card yet? I don't know if we sent it to the right place.


  6. ....hate to give you more tabs to do for your map, but you have tons of other people praying for you who are also following your blog; including family & church friends. So, when you have time, you can also add Glendale, AZ (where Papa's Aunt Rusty is praying for you), & Springfield, MO (where Fannie Mae & Martha are praying), & Henryetta, OK (Carolyn)/ Avon Park, FL / Tomball, TX, Moore, OK/ Bakersfield, CA / San Jacinto, CA / Southgate, MI / Allen Park, MI / Des Moines, IA / Redondo Beach, CA / and Phoenix, AZ. - Nini Nett & Papa David (We love you oodles!)

  7. Hi. Get well soon!

  8. Dear Brayden,
    I want you to know that I have been praying for you and your family. Also, from what I have been reading on this blog, it sounds like you are a very blessed kid to have such loving and caring parents. Hope you get well soon! Remember that Jesus is with you and he loves you! Hebrews 13:5 says "... I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." (KJV)
    In Christ,
    M. C. (From Charleston, IL.)
    Psalm 29:11 ; isaiah 40:31 ; Isaiah 41:10

  9. Prayers coming your way from Aurora, CO (near Denver) Hope you are feeling better soon!

  10. Hi Brayden and Family,
    My name is Carol Pitts. I live in Siloam Springs. I am Justin Pitts' mom. He is a friend of your mom, Brayden. I see that you have pretty much covered NW Arkansas on your map, but wanted you to know that we have lots of people in Siloam Springs praying for you and your mom and dad. Also, emails have gone out from here to Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Indiana. I loved the picture of your family with Hershey. It looked like Hershey was a chocolate lab ?? Labs are my favorite dog. I have an old female chocolate lab named Mattie (short for Matilda) and a seven month old male black lab named Jethro. He is named after my favorite character on a tv show I watch---NCIS. I will check on you through your blog and through Justin. You seem to be a very determined young man and that is one thing that will help you win in this battle with cancer. Keep fighting the "good fight".
    Carol Pitts

  11. Hi Brayden and Family,

    I'm a friend of your mom. You can add Atlanta, GA to your map as well. You and your family are on the prayer wall at my son's school. You have lots of prayers coming your way from Georgia!

    Gayle Staber

  12. You don't know me. I know Annette through scrapbooking. She sent me a prayer request for Brayden. I in turn sent one out to family & friends. In reading your blog, I see the one about Brayden's map and wanted to let him know of some more places where he has people praying for him:
    Bentonville, AR
    Little Rock, AR
    Shawnee, OK
    Lowell, AR
    Prairie Grove, AR
    Fayetteville, AR
    Keller, TX (where my grandchildren live)
    Lehi, Utah
    Oklahoma City, OK
    American Fork, UT
    Provo, UT
    Winslow, AR
    Tempe, AZ
    The Colony, TX
    Springdale, AR
    Ardmore, OK (my hometown)
    Tishomingo, OK
    Farmington, AR
    London, England, UK
    Pea Ridge, AR
    Tahlequah, OK

    And I'm sure it will spread from there as these friends & family will pass on the prayer request to their friends & family. And, since I work for Razorback Athletics, next Spring when Brayden is ready to attend a Hogs baseball game, just email me at or have Annette email me and I'll wrangle up some tickets for him. ;-) Take care & God bless.

  13. You can go ahead and add our Nation's Capitol on the list! Washington, D.C., and Arlington, VA are praying for you Brayden!

  14. After receiving a touching email from Annette, I had to send out my email again to even more friends & family to get more prayers going for Brayden and his family. Which means that I have more cities for Brayden for his map:

    Benson, AZ (my brother)
    Horn Lake, MS
    Chugiak, Alaska
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Arkadelphia, AR
    Russellville, AR
    North Salt Lake City, UT (not the same as SLC)
    Magdelena, New Mexico
    Kissimmee, FL
    San Diego, CA
    Vestal, NY
    Lincoln, AR
    San Antonio, TX
    Madill, OK
    New York City, NY
    Dennison, TX
    Hollister, MO
    Haltom City, TX
    Philadelphia, PA
    Las Vegas, NV
    Greenville, SC
    Sibley, LA
    Centerton, AR
    Spanish Fork, UT
    Cowley, WY
    Ephraim, UT
    Ft. Worth, TX
    Duncan, OK
    Alpine, UT

    Lots of prayers going out and they will only continue to "spider-web" from these. God bless.

  15. Oroville, CA
    Lincoln Park, NJ
    Wenden, AZ
    Osceola, IA