Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank You's

I'm losing track, but wanted to say thank you from Brayden and especially Bryan and me for all the wonderful cards, gifts, and visitors. I can't keep up with email, but keep sending them. We love reading them and it makes us feel so loved and supported. Brayden loves hearing how many people are sending them to him. I've taken lots of pictures over the last 2-3 days but can't post them here. But I can't wait to send them to you and show you how much everything has meant to him.

Thank you to my sisters and family for being there. Steph, I couldn't have made it out of that room without you being there when we got the horrendous news we were flying to Little Rock to come to ACH. You are a pillar for me and have taken on the role as personal assistant without me knowing I needed one. Thank you for keeping Brayden in good spirits when I was trying to process all that we were being slammed with in preparation for the emergency flight out. Thanks for being my external hard drive when I couldn't keep any more information and all the bad news in my brain. Thank you for putting your life on hold and rushing to be at my side and doing things before I even thought of asking. Thank you for being there when I needed you the most. Heather, thank you for being the shoulder for me. I was trying to be strong, but it was too much. I'm so glad you were able to be here and I know Brayden was, even though he didn't want you to see or know how bad he was hurting. Mom & Papa - thank you for being in the ER even when I thought I didn't want you to. I was scared for you to know what was happening. Thank you for being strong. Thank you for packing up stuff only my mom would know what I would need later. Papa David, thank you so much for riding with Bryan. I can't imagine how long that time was on his own and having to leave the ER and find the strength to drive home and grab essentials and make that excruciating drive to ACH after being dealt that blow from the Dr.'s. I was so worried for him and having you with him helped me to stay focused on Brayden.
Danny & Kathleen - what can I say? You guys aren't friends anymore; you are family and can't get away from us! You have been there for us and continue to be and watching you hurt for Brayden has been so tough. I love how much you guys love him; you are his Aunt & Uncle now! Thank you for being there for Bryan so that he has a place to vent and run to. Thank you for being here and bringing the wonderful game and Star Wars coloring books and coloring pencils! I can't wait until he's able to use them and has free time to play.
Hanna - you are family and have been for, what, almost 20 years now? We love you and you know Brayden loves you. Thank you for making the trek over here when you're busy with college and cheering him up. The camera was so special. Love the journal for him to write about things. The crayons, puzzle and stuff was perfect.
Papa G, Nini Sue, Aunt Kimmie and Kynnli & Tate - thank you for the cool presents! The basket has come in handy for storing stuff around and we can't wait to play some games! We love you guys so much and are so thankful to Tate for coming over with Papa G too. I know that visit with him was so special and important for him and for Brayden. Seeing Kynnli was therapy to me and your words and love mean the world to all 3 of us.
To my Circle of Friends -I can really feel your love and prayers encircling me through all of this. You guys are what I always hoped to have in life and I pray I can be there for each one of you as you have for me. Thank you to Mr. Clinton for making the crazy journey through the ACH maze with the box bigger than a microwave full of love from my circle girls! The stuff for all 3 of us was so perfect and so appreciated. Brayden loves the National Geographic and it thrilled me to see Bryan actually take a moment and flip through his magazine. I'm so thankful for the comfy socks, the lotion. Thank you Heather, Clinton, Cheryl, Jean, Tammy, Doris, Kathie, Linda, Anita and Amelia. The gifts that came from a visit with Linda and Tammy were over the top. Anita, Brayden LOVED Phineas and Ferb game. It's his favorite cartoon! Second only to Star Wars, of course. The DVD player and videos - wow. Brayden LOVES hot chocolate and the DVD's are awesome and will come in very handy on our long drives back and forth to Little Rock. The cards were so great! He loved the hand-written note from Andrew and the card with the turtle he thought was so cute. Thank you girls for the resources and journal and for being you. I wasn't sure how I would do with being away from him and trying to talk about 'other' stuff while all this is going on but I felt so much more like myself than I have in almost a week after you guys left. Thank you for that glimpse of normalcy. And after Brayden was resting I found what you'd sneaked into my purse and was overwhelmed. Bryan and I are so thankful and the cards were beautiful. Cheryl& Amelia-you have to rub it in that you got me to finally get away after an extremely stressful 4 1/2 days. I am so thankful for the distraction and having the love of friends around. Brayden loved the visits too!!
To ACA - where to start. What a blessing to be part of this family since Kindergarten. We wanted Brayden to have the blessing of a Christian education and in times like these, I'm so thankful for the teachers and staff and their Christ-like influence on him. Thank you for the thoughtful gift of quarters! Who knew! Bryan is so happy today! The journal will be put to great use as I wandered around the first couple of days trying to find a way to write it down. To all the ACA kiddos & parents, teachers, and staff- you overwhelm me. Brayden began opening his box of goodies yesterday and literally poured over each and every letter and card from each grade, each child, one by one. He was so full of smiles and "WOW! Cool! Dude!" All the fun coloring and activity books were perfect. We can't wait to use the papers and play the Ants game from Lauren L. Sarah - he LOVES the puppy and was sure blushing when he saw it was from you on your card. We can't wait to move and get to put up his banner in his new room! Mrs. McCall, Mrs. Shell, Mrs. McCrary and Mrs. Campbell - thank you for your emails and your words to Brayden. You guys know him so well and he can't wait to catch up on giving out hugs. Thank you Susan, Wendy, Gina and others for the emails and talking to Bryan when I didn't have the words. I'm devastated at how hard this will be to explain to all the kiddos what Brayden will experience. We try to shield our babies from scary stuff and I just don't want them to hurt. I hope we can get back into rhythm with school very soon. Mrs. Campbell - you know him too well!! I LOVE the map and the visual representation of all the people that are praying for him! He loves the books, bookmark, and FREAKED over the Football book - I'm sure that doesn't surprise you in the least. Mrs. McCall - the banner is hanging in Brayden's room where he can see it!!

Patti, John, & Aaron - thank you for taking care of our other baby and loving her while we're away. The framed pic of Hershey for Brayden was so precious and he proudly shows it off to everyone in the staff that comes to see him! Patti, thank you for making the drive here to deliver the special gifts for Brayden.

Mike Bitzer, Tracy, Collin and Carson for the DS! He's never had one; always wanted one, and it's already working to pass the time. Something I really couldn't see being a possibility just 3 days ago. He loves the Star Wars stylus (sp?) too! It brought such a great smile from him and so much energy.

Thank you for visits today from Nini Annette, Pastor Brewer for visiting and praying with us all the way from Pea Ridge First Assembly. More fun gifts from momma's girl Melanie from Malt-O-Meal. He's digging that stuff! He put that hat on right away and was grinning with delight over all the cool stuff! Now that we're in our new room, of course we went to work decorating.
Thank you to Michael Lawrence for mowing our lawn. Only another guy would think of this when a mom wouldn't. It made Bryan's day and choked him up. It means so much to us!!

Thank you Denise for the yummy (non-South Beach approved) friendship bread. I can't wait til we're officially family so I can get in on that recipe. That is the BEST comfort food and Bryan and I finally realized yesterday how yummy it was and are starting to eat again! Zach - thanks for bringing my baby sis to see us and for finding ways to keep Brayden laughing. No more suggestions on rules for his room, okay?

To my Malt-O-Meal family: your support is so meaningful to me. I'm a mom first, but my work is important to me and your reassurance has meant so much. The emails are so amazing and the gift of the Nintendo DS, games, and adapters were so great! I know that car adapter will come in very handy on the drives over the next 2 years and it has brought a lot of smiles.

To the McLane Team-what a cute bear, balloons and cookies! I was so happy Brayden wanted a cookie (I know; write it down I was pleased he wanted sugar) and he hugged the bear right away. You guys so didn't have to do that and it was another sign of how many people care for us. Thank you so much for thinking of us and helping to brighten his day and cheer up his room even more.

Paula & the Vi-Jon team - thanks so much for the Germ-X special delivery!! If I was a germaphobe mom before, I'm worried to see what it will look like when we get home! Brayden likes the flavored Germ-X and said, "We are stocked up on Germ-X!"

I so hope I haven't forgotten anyone. Thanks to everyone again for your love, your prayers, your support for Brayden. It means so much!!!!!!!

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