Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009


From one lung not moving in his chest when he'd breathe in and out to 2 lungs full of air and no fluid.
From heart rates of 150-180 beats per minute to falling back below 100 finally this morning!
From pulse-ox (oxygen levels in his blood should be 100%, 92 and below you get a tube in down your throat to help you breathe) at 92-95 with 5 liters of oxygen continuously flowing to hitting 100 - without the oxygen this morning!!!! Mommy was beaming! Brayden was never so happy to get that itchy tube out of his nose! Even when he could only have it out for about 30 min, it was a small step. Compared to 2nights ago when it barely moved from one nostril, his oxygen level would plummet dangerously to the 80's.
From a dark room with only the light from monitors to shades open on the windows again today and seeing the sun!
From no water or food, to another great breakfast. Gotta love those eggs (which I'm still secretly hoping really aren't better than mine at home).
From a very guarded and scary PICU room to a kid-friendly open room.
From a 6"+ size tumor in his chest wall above his heart to a busting up tumor with chemo just like the Death Star!
From pale skin and dark eyes to seeing his cheeks again and those beautiful blue sparkly eyes flashing those long I lashes I wish I had gotten that he obviously got from his daddy!!
From an ugly chest tube sticking out of his side and draining scary liquid to a band-aid and no tube.

I was laying my head on his bed Monday night/morning when we first arriving glaring at the monitors praying for the numbers to improve. His heart was pounding so fast you could see his pulse pounding on his neck. I knew the pulse-ox of 93 WITH that much oxygen was so dangerous and remember the red numbers glaring out alarming me with 150 pulse rates and 93% levels. How did he get so sick so fast? But I love seeing those rates now showing us prayers are being answered and he is improving. We're still praying! The social worker is coming today to talk to him more about what's going on and show him a video and answer his questions. This will no doubt be very hard to see our little boy be given so much information and learning his hair might start falling out within a week and may not grow back for 2 yrs. I was tearing up while giving him a sponge bath last night while washing his cute hair. It's a small price to pay compared to the alternative. I just pray he stays strong and God gives him comfort with these things that he will hear as he begins to more realize the long road he has ahead of him.


  1. I am completely speechless. I always know God is there and believe in him, but in moments like these it is amazing how much we rely on him to do the impossible. He is truly at work in this situation. I have not prayed this much in several years! I am just so grateful for all that He is doing. I love you all. Aunt Stephanie

  2. I hope you're feeling better, Brayden.
    The whole school and some Churches miss you
    and some more schools miss you, too.
    I hope you liked the cards we made for you
    and the presents some people sent you.
    Get better soon!Bye-Bye!
    Your Friend,
    Sarah A. Melton 10

  3. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing.