Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brayden's Good News

Today is a celebratory day! I don't know where to begin as the days have really run together and seems like it's been weeks that we're here. First, my sweet Circle of Friends have convinced me to do a blog and help keep all those who are lifting up Brayden in prayer informed of his status. I've been taking pictures today to help document his journey and this experience and can hopefully share those here soon. So I hope this blog is a testimony of the miracle we are already seeing in Brayden's journey through this disease. I hope it's a reminder of God's love and faithfulness. I hope it will show our sweet boy how many people care about him and are praying for him. I hope it encourages others and this situation can be used for good in someone else's life to remind them God is always there.

So where to begin? I'll start with thank you. Thank you, Lord for all of your comfort and peace to Brayden during these very tough 3 days. Thank you for literally carrying Bryan and I through this because we know it isn't for any other reason that we're able to walk and speak and love and praise through this than for Your Hands holding us and shouldering the burden for us. Thank you to our family for literally dropping it all and running to be by our side. Watching you suffer for us was so tough sometimes!! Thank you to all our friends for being there and encouraging us and reminding us what friendship means and for forcing us to accept help! Thank you to all those we work with now or have in the past for your support in many ways. We've been blessed to work with and for some great people. Thank you to ACA. What a feeling for a mom to be comforted in knowing THIS is why we love this school and are so happy Brayden has been there since Kindergarten. Teaching him about the love of Jesus and how to pray and to be those Christ-like examples for him in all the awesome staff there. So that in this difficult time, he is girded with truth and knows God has His hand on him. And wow, his teachers and fellow students and faculty are praying for him!! And thank you to each and every one of you that we don't even know and haven't yet met who are sending words of love and encouragement our way, prayers our way, and lifting up Brayden. Wow...we are literally overwhelmed.
It will take me days to get trough the thank you's, especially after today. I'm going to do a separate entry for how we got here. For now, I'll give a recap of today's good news.

The success rate of his treatment regimen is 75%. We won't have surgeries specifically for the tumor(s; the chemo will attack and break them up. In Brayden's translation, blast them like the Death Star. (To say he's a Star Wars fan is an understatement!) So chemo began Wednesday, April 22nd at 3:00. Today, by noon, we heard from his wonderful Dr. that the tumor in his chest wall had shrunk by 50% and decreased 15% in mass. His white blood cell count dropped in half. Just yesterday, both the size of the tumor and white blood cell count had doubled in size in on day. To have them cut back so quick is AWESOME!! His chest tube drainage has decreased drastically and the fluid drainage from it off his lungs is back to normal. SO! He might get to have the chest tube out tomorrow and get to upgrade from the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) to the clinic area with the other kiddos fighting cancer. Hearing his Dr. say he couldn't have done any bettr and that he's gone from being the sickest kiddo here to the healthiest in the PICU was both exciting and alarming. Bryan and I really had no idea how bad it truly was. We are so thankful for these answers to prayer! We know there is still a long road ahead and are so knowing how miraculous these first few victories are.
They are still testing his blood every 6hrs and watching every vital and stat closely. His kidneys and liver are doing great which is critical since the chemo and breakdown of the tumor can sometimes attack them and cause secondary issues to treat.

Gotta get some rest. I will work to post more of the back-story of how we got here and more of sweet Brayden's awesome spirit and energy. Quote of the day: "YUM!" With eyes closed and great savoring over eating his first solid food since lunch on Monday - scrambled eggs, which are his favorite. Mom didn't bother to ask if the hospital's eggs are better than mine at home!


  1. I am so thrilled we got to see you, Bryan and Brayden yesterday and that it was a good day! So excited you have a blog now!!! We are all praying for more good things.

    As expected you are so strong and a great example for Brayden.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that Brayden is doing better! I'll be keeping Brayden, you, and Bryan in my thoughts and prayers as you travel this difficult journey. I'm so glad you started the blog so that your family at Malt-O-Meal will be able to travel this journey with you.

  3. My heart is breaking for all of you right now. Connor is having a hard time understanding, but he is praying for Brayden faithfully. The prayer of pure innocence going up to God is such a blessing. He says, "Mommy, I know God wants Brayden better and he is working on it now." That is so powerful for me to hear from a child. You are all in our prayers. God is in control and has all of the strength and power needed for you, Brayden, the doctors, and your family. Tell Brayden that we love him. He is such a sweet spirited boy, always with a smile and a hug. I can only imagine his good attitude in this. Hope to hear of full healing soon. God is awesome and does still work miracles! Hang in there, and we are here for you for anything you may need! Love- Cory, Stephenie, Kailee, and John Connor Brozek

  4. So glad you started this blog! I've been keeping up with Brayden's progress through Danny and Jerri. May God be with you all (and it sure sounds like he is!). I'll keep praying and keep checking up. I hope you all have a great Friday. (Mandy Hougland)

  5. Lisa, Bryan and Brayden:
    I'm glad you got this set up so that we don't have to wait for updates through the email chain. You have a large support group in NW Arkansas and everyone is praying for good results. Love to you all,
    Jerri Bravo

  6. Lisa,
    I have thought about you all so much and we have had so many people praying for you. God has truly blessed you with a good gift in Brayden. He is an incredible little boy with a pure heart. We love you all so much and am so happy to hear the good report, but when God is on the scene good reports are to be expected. Hopefully we will be able to see you soon, but until we can know that we love you and sent you lots of hugs and kisses.
    Love you, Aunt Johanna

  7. I am so excited for you guys. It has been so long since I have seen you. I am proud that he is doing better. I will be truthful to you. Brayden and I are the closest cousins. We spent a lot of time togeather. I miss all of you so much. When Dad and I can come up there we will. When I found out because Brayden and I are so close I cryed my eyes out. I didn't know what to think about it or what to do. I am just so excited that he is doing better. Dad and I love you guys and are with you in spirit. Never forget that.
    Your cousin,
    Jean Hall

  8. Brayden,
    After seeing your pictures on the blog site, all I can say is your normal words--"Wow, baby!" You look great! Our class has been praying for you and hardly a day goes by that we don't say something about you or remember something that you would have done if you had been there.
    We are so excited to see how awesome God is in answering prayers for your healing. I know He will be with you every step of the way.
    I hope you enjoyed our cards and banner. The third grade "ranch" isn't the same without our "yee-haw" cowboy. We'll try to send more letters and cards your way. The kids thought you would enjoy their jokes, so we'll send more. You'll have to send some our way too, it wlll remind us of your laughter we all enjoy so much.
    We can't wait to get more great progress reports from your mom.
    Mrs. McCall

  9. Your name and blog was sent to us by a long-time friend in Tucson. What a blessing Brayden and the entire family are. We particularly like Brayden's name...since our last name happens to be Bray! We will continue to pray for your family. The pics are great. Our boys, Evan and Grant (22 & 15), still enjoy the games Brayden does! God's best, The Bray Family, Poplar Bluff, MO

  10. Hey Brayden,
    It is me Lily.I guess all the prayers helped! I am so glad you are feeling better!

  11. Lisa
    God is great. He works miracles and never puts anything we can not handle together with him in front of us. I was crying when I read Braydens update. What a blessing he is, and a little faith tropper! God is good. We are praying for you. Priya and the Morioka Family

  12. Hey Brayden,

    We are so glad you are feeling better. Keep up the good work and I love seeing your smiling face on your "Bloggie"

    Love you,

    Uncle Sam & Aunt Denise

  13. Brayden, I am glad to hear that you are feeling better and being so strong. There are many people at Malt-O-Meal that are thinking about you, praying for you, and sending positive thoughts and energy your way! Lisa, I hope that you will let me know if there is anything I can do to make things easier.

  14. Lisa,
    May God Bless You and Your Family. Many prayers are being offered up.

  15. Hi guys, such great news! Bryan, we got your message that you guys should go home on Wednesday. I know that was the plan all along and we are so glad that it is going to come to pass.

    Love you all,

    Uncle Sam and Aunt Denise