Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Thanks & Appreciation

Thank you mom for being here when you'd probably love nothing more than to be in your own bed. Staying with Brayden and giving me and Bryan the chance to have at least 1 meal together is so special. Knowing my sweet boy is safe and I can focus on being a wife is good for us. I so appreciate you rearranging your needs and just being here for whatever we need.

Steph & Zach - so glad you guys were able to come visit Brayden and make him laugh. Thanks for the yummy Starbucks - 'sweet nectar'! Steph, I love just being with you. Thx for sitting with me and listening and just being here makes me so happy. And, sushi & edemame - yum! The best meal I've had all week! You are such a great sister and support to us.

Thank you, Linda, for knowing me so well and helping me help the blog look prettier. Brayden calls it his 'bloggie'. I love that!!! Thank you for taking time out of your day to do that for us.

Danny & Kathleen - we're so glad you guys could come today. Thanks, Danny, for giving my man a change of scenery and a chance to breathe some fresh air. Thank you for deliverying all the baskets and goodies and blessings from everyone. It was like Christmas with you walking in with your hands full!!

Thank you to the team at Dorel. You guys amaze me. I only know a few of you and your generousity was just amazing. Brayden loved the DVD and the cards and blessings are so appreciated. I need a thesarus because I'm running out of words. Bryan and I really have few words because we are literally speechless and overwhelmed by all the love and support from everyone.

To my Jack Link's family - you guys really are family to me and still hold such a special place in my heart. Heather, you know me TOO WELL! The red bag will now be my 'Little Rock ACH' bag. It's so cute and so perfect to carry EVERYTHING we need! We are so blessed by what you've done and again, thank you seems so mediocre. I miss you guys and told Brayden today we HAD to hurry and get better so Mike can measure you on his office door again and see how tall you've gotten! Brayden loved the games and was so excited over the stuff. He said, 'Cool! I didn't have Darth's light saber!' He's had the Star Wars figurines out to play with already.

Jeff & Carolyn Brown - thank you guys for all the perfect play stuff for Brayden. He LOVED the popsicle stick card and it made us all laugh! I'm so amazed the figure you got him was the Star Wars guy he's been wanting. Thank you so much for thinking of him and blessing him with those gifts.

To our Walmart Family - Walmart is where it all happened! Where I met my soul mate 13 years ago! It's where Bryan and I grew up and met a TON of awesome people that we are still close with today. Thank you to the Import, Domestic, Return Center, and Logistics Teams for the incredible baskets and cards and financial blessings. The coins for the vending machines was so needed and the items were literally exactly what we all need! Brayden was excited with the fun stuff for him and went straight for it!

Bryan and I are so appreciative and grateful to each one of you. We pray you receive the blessing back two-fold and that in turn, your lives are blessed. We hope our words are enough to express the thanks and appreciation we have for you.


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  2. I am so happy that everyone is helping you guys. I can't beleave that so many people would do that. That just shows how loved you guys are. Dad and I plan on trying to make it up that way around the 1st if we can. We feel bad because we arn't able to come around more often. Well it is getting late I better get to bed. We love you guys. Were with you in spirit. If you need someone to talk to e-mail me and I will give you my number. I would love to talk to you, Brayden, Bryan, and Aunt Nett. I love the pictures of you guys. You are a wonderful parent. Never forget that. Brayden is a wonderful young boy. He is so awsome. I love how he can just crack everyone up and not even mean to.
    Your Cousin,

  3. Hey Bray Bray
    I want to write you to say that I am soooo proud of you! How you are beating this situation in your life!!!!! I love you more than you will ever realize!!!! Kynnli and I will be there real soon to give you all the ZUBERTS you could possibly handle!!! Oh yeah by the way, you better practice up on your video games, because Aunt Kimmie is going to come challenge you!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH! You ARE and always will be my FAVORITEST BOY in the whole wide world!!!! Tell Mommy and Daddy I love them so too!!! You all stay strong, and let God finish answering our prayers!!!!!!!!