Jones Family

Jones Family
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Radio Rockstar Brayden

We posted on here and learned a couple of months ago that Brayden had been chosen to be the Champion Child for the Will Golf 4 Kids annual fundraiser for Arkansas Children's Hospital. One of the things he got to do was visit a local radio show and be interviewed by Jennifer Irwin! He was SO excited! Walking into the control room he immediately took the seat next to Jennifer and was eating up the opportunity! Jennifer was lovely and so wonderful to us. Mike Sewell, the chair for the Will Golf 4 Kids golf tournament joined us as well to help raise awareness about the charity and its events.

We were SO glad to hear the interview Jennifer conducted with us wouldn't be live. The edited version (whew!) will air Sunday morning, June 19th at 7am on Clear Channel stations. Or, you can listen live on 107.9 link here! Just click "Listen Live" box.

Great job, Brayden!! You really were a Radio Rockstar!

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  1. Yes, I agree with Jennifer! You're definitely a radio rock star!