Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My baby's on the radio!!

The Jones Fam were total hamms this morning. Since we posted on here about Brayden being chosen Champion Child for the Will Golf 4 Kids fundraiser for Arkansas Children's Hospital, things have really pushed into high gear lately. Brayden absolutely loved meeting Jennifer Irwin and she was so sweet and gracious to us.

After doing the radio interview with her & Mike from the committee, Brayden has been anxiously awaiting the air date that happened this morning. We set our alarms & woke up early and tried to figure out how to record it to share here for everyone. Like his momma, he's too critical of himself! We were both squirming in our seats and there were a few hitting our head moments of embarassment, but he did SO GREAT! That was all done in 1 take, y'all!! No editing! So proud of Brayden. We didn't rehearse or practice - everything was from his heart since we had no idea what to expect. More than anything, we hope this helps bring awareness. Even if you can't golf or go to the Gala, you can still support ACH and all its efforts at

AWESOME JOB, BRAYDEN!!! I recorded it and tried to post it here, but it appears the file is too big. We'll keep trying. Now...on to Father's Day celebrations!

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