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Jones Family
November 2009

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday, Brayden!

Wow...11! I was reading over last year's posts and we were cheerful in what we shared but the emotion of it was very different. This time last year Brayden's counts dropped & we had to cancel his birthday party we had planned with his friends. It was so gut-wrenching to make that decision. He handled it like a trooper and yes, we had a bunch of fun things at home planned to keep his spirits high. One year ago he had just finished his first round of Maintenance chemo and spent his actual birthday in Little Rock. It was the first time he finally got to see the Capital building up close. All the spring flowers and trees blooming brightened our day. The day after he spent in his Radiation follow-up appointment, reliving all the emotion, and having a spinal sedation with chemo.

This year...we're SO happy he's been doing well enough to share his birthday celebration with his friends and family. We were sad not everyone could join us, but being back to the same place he celebrated 2 years ago and then weeks later was diagnosed was also emotional. We stayed positive & I tried to stay in the moment. What an awesome celebration! Brayden has come SO far and has been so truly resilient. He has been counting down the days to get to have his Star Wars party we planned to have last year and finally get to use all the fun decorations! He carefully put together all the goody bags and helped me prep all the other decorations. He was insistent we get to the location early so he could help me set up! I told him he didn't have to and that was a 'mom thing.' He REALLY wanted to help so we were sure to get there in time so he could have his fun arranging all the Star Wars stuff and getting everything ready for his friends to arrive. He had helped pick out his cake a few weeks ago and it was so cool!! The cupcakes had little mini light sabers on them!! His excitement of the day was overflowing. The boys had fun playing Lazer Tag and wearing themselves OUT!

He decided last year he had so many things people had blessed him with after his diagnosis that he'd share his birthday with having friends at his party bring toys for the kids at ACH. Since he didn't get to do this last year with his party cancelled, he decided to do it this year. Last week I think he realized what he had committed to and said, "but I'll still have gifts from family, right?" Yes, I'm glad he asked otherwise we'd start to wonder if his wings had sprouted too early! Thank you to everyone who came & shared in this special celebration with us. We can't wait to share the gifts with the ACH kiddos in the Oncology wing on your behalf! We know it will bring a lot of smiles.

We continued the celebration with Brayden's favorite dinner mom cooked Saturday night and Sunday with his favorite breakfast and then homemade sushi yesterday for lunch! Whew! We all need to hit the walking trail this week!!! He was roaring to go this morning bounding out of bed on his actual birth date at 6am! This is his first day back after Spring Break. This time last year was his first day back after a full year off. Wow...I'm bummed he'll have chemo today again, like any other Monday. But his awesome Nurses are what make the chemo seem not so bad. It's so great seeing them and from what I hear, they have a few things planned. Tonight we're hoping his counts are good enough for him to get to go to his favorite restaurant we haven't been to in ages. Then he'll finally get to open presents from Mom & Dad.

Brayden, we're so proud of you! You have SUCH a good heart and you are such a fighter. Even with all the adversity you face, you take it and persevere and rarely complain. Your positivity and outlook constantly teach me each day. We're so blessed to have you as our son. I hope you never forget that we're with you all the way, buddy. Still, not a day goes by that I wish I could carry this burden for you & take the pain and hardship on for you. My heart will never be okay with having to watch you endure all that you have in these nearly 2 years. I continue to learn that I am not in control and am reminded that you are only mine for a time and that you are a child of God and I have to trust you to Him. Know that you are NEVER alone with Him in your heart. Thank you for all your laughter & goofiness! I promise to keep being silly too if you keep laughing WITH me and not AT me! Happy Birthday, sweet boy! To the best of ALL the sons!

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  1. Brayden, Andrew had the best time at your party! He said you needed to play one more game of Lazer Tag to square off who really won the games between you two. In my mind you're the winner by far being an awesome kid and a great friend to Andrew! We hope this is your best birthday yet! Happy Birthday!!! Amelia, Eric and Andrew