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Jones Family
November 2009

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Celebration Continued

Brayden's birthday festivities continued with his trip to the local oncology clinic for chemo after school. His sweet Nurses surprised him with a procedure room all decorated up with balloons, a cake and candles & a gift! Even while having his weekly chemo, the birthday festivities were a great distraction. He loved the cake and chowed down to celebrate. The gift they so sweetly got for him was a new DS game he's been talking about for days! He even replayed the commercial with the game on it several times for me. It's all he talked about! So when he opened it, he was SO happy and SO surprised! Thank you to each one of you for all you did to make Brayden's birthday special.

Brayden's counts have been a little higher than we'd like. Even after increasing his chemo, I've been wondering why they haven't dropped more. They did come down some but not in the safe range yet. I'm wondering when we go back to Little Rock if that means they'll have to increase his chemo again? Anyway, other than his counts being a little too high (and not wanting the cell growth to get so crazy that the Leukemia comes back) his other stats looked good. He had developed a nasty cough and some drainage out of the blue so we were worried about that.

After chemo, he wanted to go see what to spend his family birthday money he'd received on and then to his favorite restaurant. It's been FOREVER since we've been there and he really had a great time. I was a little worried though when he barely touched his food and wondered if he wasn't feeling well. After dinner, he matter of factly got up from the table and stated, "Well, I finally feel like I'm 11 now." There you go!

We went home so he could open our presents and I took some more pictures and relished the fact I'm the mom of an 11-year-old. Wow. He felt the effects of chemo as the night progressed. We let him soak his feet in this cool foot bath he likes and that (I hope) helps sometimes with his neuropathy pain. The next morning, though, he was pretty yucky. I finally got him to have some yogurt so he could get his morning meds down. Between chemo and the nasty cough and drainage that came out of nowhere, I was glad the preventative antibiotics started and hoped after a few doses, he'd be feeling better and this could kick whatever was going on. Sure enough, by this morning he was back to himself. Dad and I had a few glances exchanged last night while watching over Brayden. Brayden said he felt like he did when he was first diagnosed, so I was worried something was going on. You hold your breath wondering if he'll spike a fever and then the ER rush is on to get him iv meds quickly. Or, if you're over-reacting? It's tough to know what to do other than try to be in tune with how he is and just let him rest as much as he can.

And so it goes. We hope the rest of this week is better for Brayden and more celebrations to plan for his 2-year since diagnosis in a few weeks!


  1. I will be praying and thinking about you. I stumbled on your blog and read Brayden's story. My brother lived at St. Jude Children's Hopsital for a year... he had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I drove from Siloam (I was at school in JBU) for a year back and forth to Memphis.

    Thinking of you.

  2. Hard to believe your already 11, my sweet little buddy! Where have all the years gone? Seems like only yesterday you were little & now you're as tall as your Nini! And, Papa & I couldn't believe that your shoe size is already bigger than his! And, that you are now wearing a men's size 12!?! We're thinking we should have invested in Nike years ago! lol! Nini loves you & misses you bunches & was just thinking about you tonight before bedtime & wanted to send love & kisses to you! Sweet dreams my sweet little buddy! - Nini Nett (alias Ga-Ga) lol