Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Friday, March 25, 2011

Good News!

We received an update call from the Make-A-Wish foundation a few weeks ago. It was such a neat call as they checked in to see how Brayden was doing in his treatment schedule. His Oncologist still wants Brayden to be done with treatment before he does his wish. So since his diagnosis began just a few weeks after Brayden turned 9, I don't know if I've adequately expressed here just how frequently his Make-A-Wish comes up. At first I just couldn't imagine that he would get to have this chance to have his wish granted. How neat! But you always associate that with a different scenario--at least I do. My mind immediately goes to those sweet kiddos who are terminal and the emotion just hits you. When his Social Worker saw our reaction early on to hearing that he would be granted a Wish, she reassured us that now the Foundation grants wishes to ALL kiddos who have a cancer diagnosis and endure chemotherapy. Once we understood, then it seemed daunting to answer the question of what he would want since end of treatment was still 3 1/2 yrs away and so much could change with Brayden's likes and dislikes. How little did I know at the time how motivating his Wish would be for him. When times are tough, we always talk about his Wish. Without us prompting, no kidding, it comes up at least once a week. AND EVERY WEEK IT CHANGES!! We smile and have to laugh now because you can get whiplash from him changing his mind. But it is very awesome that he has that ability to change his mind and have this to look forward to. I'm very curious to see by the time he's 12 1/2 what he will end up deciding!! She said she'll check back again on us and hopes Brayden continues to do well!

So we had another exciting call. In January, the Foundation at ACH had contacted us about doing a story for Brayden. They have a quarterly publication sort of like a magazine that goes out to their supporters. My company has been a long-time supporter of ACH and it's always neat to see the things we receive in literature promoting the hospital and success stories. She asked a lot of questions and then we didn't hear anything back. We figured they found another child to feature or changed their minds. Fast forward to last week - I received a call at work from the Foundation. There is an annual fundraiser with many sponsors initially started by Walmart that is held each August with all the proceeds supporting Arkansas Children's Hospital. With my company's sponsorship, it was a privilege to attend last year. It was so emotional reading the material and seeing all that ACH does and feeling such a personal connection and gratitude for all that was being done. The dinner was lovely, decorations so extravagant. There were celebrities and everyone was dressed up and silent auctions and live auctions. But at the end of it all - I was so grateful to everything around me in knowing so personally how it had helped Brayden and how we had been touched by this hospital and how without them...I don't know what we would have done or where we would have gone that night in the ER - when we were 3 days away from losing him.

So - the Foundation each year chooses a Champion Family for their Color of Hope Gala. She told us they fell in love with Brayden's story and loved our connection to the community and said we had been chosen for the 2011 Champion Family! WOW! We are so honored and so amazed at this opportunity to give back. We truly feel that we owe such a debt of gratitude for all that has been done in Brayden's care. We've wanted to give back in small ways to ACH - but never imagined having the forum to give back in such a public way!

They are going to use Brayden's story to promote the event and are also going to have a film crew join us at one of Brayden's upcoming visits to ACH. WHAT!?!? We are truly blown away and certainly intimidated by this opportunity. We hope that through Brayden's story, just as we've prayed, it can help others. We hope it will allow others to see the benefits the hospital can bring and help continue monetary support. So we're pushing aside our fears and intimidation in hopes of helping others! I can't wait to share more here with you...

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  1. Lisa - Great news and great update! I've joined the operations team for Color of Hope this year and look forward to working with the team. So great to hear that you guys have been chosen!

    Ken Drish