Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank you for your prayers...

Thank you to my sweet friend, Linda, for your help in posting an update for everyone. I ran in here while Brayden's food is cooking and wanted to post a quick update. Brayden did well through the night with the 2 units of blood that were transfused. We had SUCH great nursing staff while there. They hooked Brayden up with a DVD player and once the pre-meds were administered, he was knocked out quickly. They were so careful and so precautious watching his vitals in person for the first 15 minutes after each unit was given. There wasn't much rest for Mom, as the transfusion began shortly after 11:00. Many vital checks, blood pressure, pulse-ox, temperature and respiratory rates had to be done frequently to ensure his body wasn't having a reaction to the blood. We finally got to come home yesterday morning to a long day. Brayden was exhausted after only having about 6 hours of sleep. He was curled up on the couch so exhausted and sore. His body was pretty weak with also the Neutropenia, I'm sure. I was so hoping he'd have a quick nap...but he didn't. I was finding myself holding my breath while watching the clock during the hours of when the last time he had a reaction occurred. Thankfully, Brayden made it the day without any reaction like last time! Whatever the reason it occurred last time, we're hoping the additional pre-medication that was given this time hopefully helped.

After a full night of rest for both of us, it seems to have caught up with me more today. I'm working from home and it's been a very busy couple of days. This morning he woke up with a terrible headache. I'm still holding my breath and wondering what's happening under the surface in his little body. We're having to hold all chemo this week AND his protective antibiotic that he's on every week that prevents pneumonia. It also lowers his counts and with his ANC practically non-existent this week, everything but his standard meds are on hold. He's loving not having to take the extra 6 pills a day this week. It's more worry for us without it though.

Thank you for joining us in those specific prayers for Brayden that continue. He won't have more blood work done until next Monday. Until then, he'll remain in strict isolation and we'll remain hoping & praying this blood is helping his system rebound. We're hoping & praying the no chemo allows his bone marrow to kick in some new, healthy cells. Dad has been awesome helping me prep home while we were away at the hospital. It's back to all the precautions we were so used to 6 months ago. The extra regimen is keeping me busy and Brayden isn't liking remembering how protective Mom is when he's Neutropenic. My hands are raw again from the alcohol spray that's back on the counter. But it's all worth it to keep his fragile system protected until it bounces back from this and resumes his regimen and aggressive fight against the Leukemia from returning.

I better run & wash up again for his lunch prep. Thank you again to all of you. Knowing so many are lifting up our sweet boy in prayer is such a comfort.


  1. I am so glad he didn't have a bad reaction this time. I laid in bed that night just praying that the reaction before was a fluke and all would be fine this time. I fell asleep soon after the transfusion should have started and woke up almost exactly 8 hours later thinking it would be just ending and how you probably hadn't slept at all. You three are in my thoughts daily and hoping Brayden is the child LR talks about for many years as a model for the perfect patient.

  2. Sounds like this blood transfussion went much better than the last one. So sorry you all have to go through this. Our prayers and thoughts are with you to all get some rest and back in the chemo regumine soon. Love you all!!!! Eric, Amelia and Andrew