Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Monday, July 26, 2010

15 Months & Counting...

Once Brayden reached the Maintenance Phase of chemo, we heard the date "August 2012" as end of treatment. So knowing August is on the horizon helps to see we're getting closer to the finish line. 15 months last week since diagnosis...2 years to go. Brayden asked me questions again today about what happens after treatment. I've heard from other moms, you hold your breath and pray. I suppose that will continue for a while after treatment. For today, we had a good day. We were welcomed by the awesome nurses at the local Oncology clinic. Brayden had gone through his game bag filled with things given to him by sweet friends during his early days. We were excited to play a new game we both forgot about today during clinic. We had SO much fun while I secretly wondered what his blood results would bring. After a week of steroids last week, I had hoped they'd be high enough to sustain him for the weeks of treatment to come. They weren't as high as last week, but still in a safer zone. He was able to get chemo, which they've increased by 1mg with his recent growth spurts. Have I updated here that I have a 10-yr-old who is 5'1"?

We decided to take a quick run by Hobby Lobby today just to look at the models and hang out. It was a nice treat for him with slightly good counts. He had SUCH a big weekend!!! He was able to hit the park & fish with Dad, see a movie with his cousins & aunt & uncle, spend the night with Nini & Papaw, & swim outside with a good friend! We loved getting to be outside and soak up some sun. Bring on the spf 100 & Dad had to pick him up early but he still loved being outside in the pool and loved every minute of it! We were SO happy for a fun, activity-filled weekend. Last week with higher counts he enjoyed a special treat each day, whether it was HH finally (Sonic Happy Hour) or a slushie, or getting to sneak away late after dinner one night to WM to shop for school supplies as a last-minute surprise!! We've loved the freedom and fresh air this week has brought. It's been a welcome relief for all of us, but especially for Brayden. He's spent each night prepping his backpack for school and CAN'T stop talking about 5th grade! He is SO excited. I'm so thankful he'll have some normalcy return again. Even though the school pace is a bit more hectic for all of us working hard on schoolwork, it's going to be a welcome relief.

Brayden's been having more leg & body pain. He's scaring me yesterday & today with more exhaustion and headaches. I'm hoping it was just a busy week and all the activities catching up with him. There are always fears looming behind when he has pain or side effects. There is so much the chemo can cause and I hate to see him have to deal with those effects. We're praying for Brayden's stamina to increase, his liver to remain strong & continue to flush out the toxicity of the chemo, his counts to remain stable and his bone marrow to be strong without leukemia blasts. We pray his spinal fluid remain clear and his headaches to subside. We're waiting to hear back about the tendons in his feet and hoping that something can be done to help and the neuropathy not to worsen. Here's to another great week!!

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  1. We are praying with you... Thank you for your posts. God bless!! ~ Jeff and Esther Ailey.