Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mom, Do you have any chores I can do?

I guess you can say things are improved! Suddenly Friday evening our little man was folding towels and running laps around the kitchen & living room. Huh?!?! Bryan and I just looked at each other in disbelief! This is a stark contrast to the days prior when he was weak, feeling sick, and just laying around after returning from the blood transfusion. When he asked this question, Bryan and I could barely contain our shock and then laughter. We wish we had a way to know if his counts were higher today, so we could get him out. It's been nice seeing his rosy cheeks return from being so pale and his pink lips so gray.

Once we had a break in the rain Thursday and saw the sun, we ran outside to soak in some Vitamin D. (He didn't argue with me this time about whether it was Vitamin D or not!) We literally were marching in circles in the driveway with Hershey trailing behind. Brayden couldn't stop laughing! We must have really put on a show for the neighbors.

We're again so thankful for all your prayers. I received an encouraging email too from his Oncology nurse at ACH. We had been so upset about the recent blood results the last 5 weeks and need for 2 transfusions going into his seventh month of the Maintenance Phase of Treatment. She was reading back over his blood results and realized this was really the first section of time he's dropped counts. This was supposed to happen 6 months ago! I guess the fact that it didn't we thought we were out of the woods. But it appears it's just now catching up with him. During the blood transfusion night at the hospital, I was re-reading back over his medical journal/calendar I keep and re-read notes when he first started this phase of treatment in January. His Oncologist had cautioned once his counts dropped, it would take them 'a while' to recover. All of that combined the last couple of days has us feeling a little less unsteady than we were prior. I guess even though it's not what we expected, it was a reminder that it will happen as part of treatment. Brayden hasn't done anything the 'typical' way during his treatment. So for now we'll try and let our worry subside just a little bit.

We return to clinic tomorrow to get an update on his counts. If high enough, he'll re-start his weekly and nightly chemo. Again, crazy to think that after a week of being off chemo, I'm hoping he can get back on. Chemo has become such a reassurance for us. It makes me curious what his counts will look like again the week after...but one day at a time, right? For now, back to Monopoly marathons and movie night in the floor and video games. I'm thankful he hasn't spiked a fever this week with being Neutropenic with no immune system in the danger zone. Thanks to my sweet hubby for all the help around the house in keeping Bray as protected as possible from germs.


  1. Nini sure is missing you, buddy! I forgot how difficult it is to not see you when you're Neutropenic,.....& perhaps I got so used to being able to see you, that I took it for granted. Can't wait till your counts are better so we can hang out & have some summer fun together & go "you know where"! (hint: it's one of our favorite places to go when you're on summer break!) Did you guess it? Then there's another place we like to go after playing, around 2:00 - 4:00, can you guess what it is?

    So glad you're feeling better! Nini just about fell out of my chair when I heard that you were "WANTING" chores to do!? Wow! And, running laps in the house too? Wow, you must be feeling better, huh? Can't wait to see you, buddy! Give Mommy a big hug & kissie for me, okay? And, tell Dad how proud I am of him for doing such a great job helping Mom & you out with all the many things you all have to do to keep you safe & germ free. So, give Dad a hug from Nini too, okay?

    I'm sending hugs, kissies, butterfly kissies & tons of prayers your way, cuz Nini Nett loves you BEYOND words, Brayden! Papa says he loves you too, ya filthy animal! lol! You & Papa are so silly! Hugs!

  2. Hey from Alaska! I was making Kelly's King Ranch Chicken tonight and was looking through the comments to see what people thought of it and saw your post about your son. My son was dx with Hodgkins Lymphoma when he was almost 9, so I can relate a bit to what a shock this is...and how it changes you. I don't know how people go through something like this without God! My son is now 13, but we still go to Seattle Children's every 6 months for checkups. I will add Brayden to my prayer list! If you want to contact me, my email is

    Hugs! (I have to use anonymous because I forgot my Google password...eep!)