Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Running On!

One of Brayden's friends' Mom sent me an incredible email. Her phone call left me stunned at this idea. SO neat! Her brother-in-law, Brad Quinn (link to his bio), is running a marathon. Not just ANY marathon...a 100k! Hello!!!! And, not just anywhere. They are running for shoes and medicine for under-privileged children in 3rd world countries. This link gives more details about this race and here are some comments from their website:

Ultramaratón Fuego y Agua is an extremely challenging foot race on Isla Ometepe in Nicaragua. The race is composed of four different event options, the 25k, 50k, 100k and a 2/3-person 4-stage 100k relay. The 100k and Relay course is a single loop encompassing most of the island and involves the ascent and descent of both volcanoes. The 25k and 50k courses cover part of the 100k course.

Because of the volcanoes, the island holds several micro-climates of jungle, dry tropics, tropical beach, and cloud forest. The race course winds through singletrack, dirt road and sand as it passes towns, villages, coffee, cacao and banana plantations, cloud forest, volcanic trail and white sand beaches.

Brad does this frequently for other causes like the American Cancer Society. Well, Miss Susan (her daughter is in Brayden's class and such a sweetie) put together a flag with their class motto and had everyone sign it. How cool that Brad heard about Brayden's story and wanted to do something! So he carried this flag for Brayden and planted it on the side of a volcano! SO COOL! Thank you to Susan and ACA's awesome 4th grade class for such an incredible showing of support for Brayden. You all are each amazing! Thank you so Susan for pulling this together and giving me goosebumps when telling me about Brad's run. And Brad, just another dad from Texas, run on! You are an inspiration!

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