Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Please Pray for Hannah Grace

We've had a roller coaster 18 hours with Brayden and are home from the hospital. But as thankful as I am he's home, my heart is heavy. We heard about sweet Hannah Grace from a dear friend of ours while Brayden was in-patient at ACH getting chemo in early October. Since then, we've asked for prayer before for her, our family has tried to do small things to reach out to her and her family. But tonight our hearts are so heavy. I've been behind on updates on how she's doing. Please see this link from a friend of hers who did a summary on what is happening and why tomorrow is so critical that this family be lifted up in prayer. You can follow Hannah's updates on Caring Bridge to the right of Brayden's blog - her name has a link for it.

There has barely been a day that goes by Brayden doesn't ask about his friends (both those he's met and those he only reads about) who are also fighting. He asks about Hannah nearly every day. "Hey, mom. How's Hannah doing? Have you heard any updates?" The last few weeks it's literally hurt my heart to hear him ask. I want to protect him from as much as I can as a mom. I know, however, I want to be honest with him. I've tried to gingerly give him more information in preparing his heart for what is coming. Even though we are not giving up and are praying for a miracle, his friend who also has Leukemia who he's only seen pictures of, that also lives in this area, and also goes to ACH, is fighting so hard and is up against so many obstacles.

Our hearts will be with Hannah Grace's family tomorrow as a fellow mom, dad, and sweet child fighting. We pray for their peace, God's Hand to be upon their family and carry them, and for so much more my heart can only speak to Him. Please join with us in prayer for them and we pray their family be surrounded with love from so many in God's family.

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