Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Running for Childhood Cancer

No, close your mouths. It's not me or Bryan! I'm so thankful to work for such a wonderful company with really great people. Several weeks back, we were contacted by someone who worked up in our Minneapolis plant who heard about Brayden and reached out to us. Having experienced childhood cancer too closely within his own family, he understood what we were going through. He decided 3 years ago to begin training and run for a reason. He's the same age as my mom (that's all I'll say!) and I think it's remarkable that he is so strong and so determined. He definitely makes me feel like a slacker!

This morning, right now, he is lining up at the starting line in the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis, MN, running on behalf of Brayden and another little girl, both with forms of Childhood Cancer. Thank you, Tim, for honoring Brayden in this way. We're cheering you on from far away and via the internet! We pray for your strength and endurance to carry you to the finish line, we pray for good weather, we pray for your mind to be strong and God be with you the entire way! We are more than honored to be in your thoughts and prayers this morning as you are running. What an awesome example you are! We are praying that more cures are found and that less and less children and families have to face this awful disease. 1 in every 330 children is too many.

We also have other company friends running - so go TEAM MALT-O-MEAL!! We will be thinking of all of you all day today and checking your progress on line. Run, Tim, Run!
Track Tim's Progress in the Marathon today and click refresh after the link comes up!

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