Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Brayden started feeling better Wednesday, and was closer to himself today. I know he isn't feeling 100% yet because he's more quiet and lethargic. But he's pushed on and did great with school participation via the webcam today. We've noticed his cheeks are really red from the chemo and the steroids. This afternoon was rough. He had to get 2 chemo shots in his legs and an update on his counts via his port. We went to the local clinic. I was so thankful they had a room cleaned and sterilized waiting on him, especially with him being in strict isolation, so we were able to go straight back away from other patients. He was upset about the shots all afternoon. We used the numbing cream on them to try to help. Just before it was time to get them, we said a prayer. He was so brave and the nurses did an awesome job of working together to give them at the same time. I heard and saw it was tough for them to fight back tears seeing him. Just prior to getting the shots he was just wishing he could be anywhere else but there. That is the hardest times. When you wish you could take it for him. Take the pain and the shots and the attack on your body and everything else that comes with it. The shots really burn. They were great to bring some heat packs for them and I did my best to take his mind off it. Thankfully within about 10 minutes, he was feeling some relief in the pain from the shots.

When he asked if he'd have to get them again, my breath caught. I've always promised to be honest with him. Thankfully it looks like he'll only have the shots once more next month. I'm praying there's a way they can give it to him while he's sedated. It's so traumatic and painful. We're back home now and celebrating with a movie dad picked up after work. Brayden's been having fun playing in a tent we made for him in the living room! We're going to try to sneak to a friend's family's garden tomorrow for pumpkins. With masks, of course. So thanks to Heather and Ms. Linda for such a sweet and gracious offer. Dad has to work this weekend, so I've got some tricks up my sleeve for some fun things for him to hopefully pass the time and keep him entertained and happy.

For now, we're praying for no side effects and watching him closely. He had to stay for an hour after the shots and be observed for reactions, so we're thankful the first hour was uneventful. We leave out again Monday morning for more chemo. So definitely we're praying for continued protection for his heart and organs, for protection from infection since his immune system is so suppressed right now. We're worried about him being so sick again the day after like this time. We just want to minimize the burden for him. No mouth sores yet, so that's certainly something to be thankful for again. We hope everyone enjoys this beautiful fall weekend!

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  1. Just wanted to say my prayers are with you and have been every single day on my "prayer walk" to the train going to work. Stay strong, as you've been doing. I pray you'll find that perfect pumpkin this weekend. Deb B.