Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

We're home!!!

We had quite the waiting game yesterday. After hearing his counts through the night were just 4 hundredths of a point too high to be released, we had to wait until noon for the next check. Then, our sweet nurse kept checking every 20 min for lab results. Almost 3 hours later (gotta be a record for us for the longest lab results EVER) we were SO happy to learn his levels had dropped waaaay down so Brayden could finally go home. I should say that during this waiting game, while mom was working, Brayden was happily working as the playroom with Nini. He was "Building something together" with the crew from Home Depot! He had safety goggles, an apron and a hammer and was having SUCH a good time building a race car mini track and a bean bag toss game. Nini needed some tylenol after all the hammering, but it was an AWESOME way to pass the time for him. He continued setting a record for the most ounces consumed in a 24-hour period. WOW! He had to be floating! But still wasn't eating. His nurse kept asking him repeatedly and we did all we could to coax him to eat. An hour before we left, I finally convinced him to eat some grapes and cheese cubes and he just picked at it.

Finally they were ready to de-access his port. His adorable Nurse let Brayden help push all the buttons. She was so patient with his inquisitive prodding on how everything works. Always an opportunity to learn, right? He was practically running out of the hospital. 4 days just felt like a longer stay this time. We were definitely thrilled to finally be on our way home. 20 minutes into the drive, Brayden was eating finally. After not eating for about 18 hours, he downed his cheese cubes and grapes as well as more water! YEAH! I felt better. He was so happy to see Hershey running out to greet him when we got home. After a home-cooked meal and eating it up, he told me he 'melted into bed.' He was SO glad to be back in his own surroundings.

He hasn't had any more nausea, thank goodness. We're still doing everything preventatively for mouth sores by swishing and swallowing a special mouthwash to protect his mouth and GI tract. I still hope and pray he doesn't have to endure that awful pain.

In the meantime, we're planning as much as we can to take advantage of the holiday weekend and his counts just being barely high enough to continue doing things. We've been warned by the middle of next week, they'll drop again. We won't know until Friday the 11th what they are and if we'll be back in Little Rock again on the 14th for Round 3 of High-Dose Methotrexate. I'll certainly keep everyone updated.

For now, we're working and trying to get schoolwork done so we can enjoy a carefree weekend. And, we are so glad to have all the family back together again! Thanks again to Nini for being there to help Brayden so mom could work, for bringing me 'sweet nectar' each morning (Starbucks Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte - it makes everything a little easier when you've had one!). I'll post pictures from his week soon but wanted everyone to know...we're home safe and sound and Brayden is feeling good. Thank you so much for all the prayers & support! We love you all!!!


  1. Lisa and Brayden,
    It's amazing how much you've accomplished since we saw you last weekend at Ally and Caleb's house! So glad you are back home safe and sound. Take care!
    Denise S.

  2. Brayden,......Nini was just thinking about you & missing you oodles & oodles, but it's too late to call you on the phone, so I decided to type this on your "bloggie" instead. Do you know how very, very, very much I love you? Well, I do! Maybe if you work really hard & get all your school work done tomorrow,...we can chat on the family website chatroom while you're having lunch,....or after Nini gets off work, okay? Give Mommy a big hug & kiss from Nini & then ask her to please give you one from me too, k?

    - All my love,.....Nini Nett