Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quick update from ACH

We made it here today with only a little rain to drive through. Brayden did great with his sedation for his spinal (LP for Chemo intrathecal) and for the first time, he asked me to stay with him during the procedure. I was so reluctant but did it for him. It was terribly hard to watch him so vulnerable. But he had SUCH an awesome team. The same one that was with him in ICU and so many times over the last 4 1/2 months. He did great and I breathed a prayer as they extracted spinal fluid to test. They test it each time to ensure there has been no relapse of leukemia cells. That's so scary to think about but we know it lingers there every time as a possibility and we keep praying that it never is something we or Brayden have to face. He came out of sedation great and we had a good time getting to visit with the team that has come to know him and his history so well and has seen first-hand how far he's come. Everything is still looking positive for him at this stage.

We did get a private room but we're in the dungeon...with no CareHub access for me to do more frequent blog updates on how he's doing. And, no shower in the room - aahh! I've got a plan, but it will be tricky. We're still grateful for more quiet than the semi-private room offered last time. Brayden was happy to get settled into his room. He did have a little nausea later, but I'm glad he's been able to eat just a bit. Chemo is scheduled to start at 9, so that's when our 48-hour clock begins, now that he's been hydrated for 6 hours to prep his kidneys and system for the onslaught of the chemo.

We did have to go for an x-ray this evening. We're praying Brayden's results are positive. He's been having some back and rib pain and we're hoping and praying it's nothing. His Dr. has come to realize if Brayden complains, it must hurt. There are a couple of things it could be, but we'll hold for now until we see the results tomorrow. Just agree with us in prayer that it's nothing.

Gotta run - Brayden's requested another popcorn movie night in his room. Thanks again for the support! We were amazed to meet another Brayden who ALSO has T-Cell! The odds have to be slim. I'll have to request that be a high school statistics problem at Brayden's school! Only 260 kiddos a year are diagnosed with this type of Leukemia across the US. And there's one close to our home! The Brayden's got to meet today face to face and we can't wait to get to know them more. The other Brayden is about 10 months ahead of our treatment and is turning 8 soon, so the similarities are amazing! We're thankful for some support and maybe the boys to feel better knowing they aren't alone in their unique journies.

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