Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Behave in the Cave

Brayden had a great night. He slept until 11:30 today! It was a dark, rainy day, perfect for sleeping in. He wasn't feeling too great until 2 today when he finally decided cereal sounded good. Thankfully he's still been drinking well to help flush the chemo. We were excited to get good news about his x-rays: everything was normal! We are thankful to cross that worry off the list. We had to laugh when the Dr. and Nurse were leaving told Brayden to 'behave in the cave!' Definitely one of our new terms! Where we're staying this time is the rooms they used to use that were sealed off for stem cell transplants. Thankfully dad isn't here because we're convinced he'd have to duck to clear the ceilings! It's extra dark (off course without all the lights on) and the staff here lovingly refers to it as the cave or dungeon! I say based on getting through the weekend with only 10 hours of sleep, mom doesn't care what it's called...if it happens to help us rest, sign me up! It was SO nice to have a softer couch than a hard chair like last time.

Brayden had more cereal for dinner tonight, lots more green tea water, and some almonds. He's decided he wants a popcorn and movie night tonight, so I stopped off for a quick update to thank everyone for the prayers about the x-ray and hopefully he'll clear in a good amount of time in the next 24 hours. We're still chipping away at school work. Hopefully we can keep knocking it down more and more! We miss everyone and can't wait to be home. As the last few minutes of the yellow chemo bag finish up, we were high-fiving because he has only 1 more round of this chemo to go! Then radiation and moving on to the next block of treatment. It's nice when we can keep seeing how far Brayden has come.

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