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Jones Family
November 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Rock Bound

Well, we found out that his counts have dropped again. I didn't think it was possible. Last Thursday we were watching his hemoglobin closely. We thought we had more time before needing to have a transfusion. He was at 8.5. Below 8 and he'll need a transfusion. His energy did drop significantly yesterday evening and we noticed something had changed. This morning he was definitely more tired and had less energy and complained his head hurt. This is another sign to watch for when his blood levels get too low. I was pretty stunned to get his CBC results back and see he had dropped all the way to 7.3. Thankfully, we'll leave out for Little Rock VERY early in the morning and they will transfuse him there. With his counts this low, I just am worried to have him admitted for 2 days to do this locally. In Little Rock, they can transfuse in 8 hours. We've been warned it's possible he'll spike a temp. Linda - I love the automated idea! We'll have to patent that! So we're certainly hoping that doesn't happen otherwise he'll have to be admitted.

His platelets have always been high up until this point. However, in 4 days they dropped from 127 down to 46. Below 20 and he'll need more. We've never had to have this done, although have been warned it's part of the process.

To say we're worried is an under-statement. While we enjoyed 1 week off from Little Rock, I'll feel so much better having him there. As it stands, the local clinic didn't have both chemo meds today so he'll have the Asparaginase while in clinic tomorrow too.

Brayden is doing good. He's gotten a couple more headaches since leaving clinic. He's not arguing with laying still and resting. He's eating pretty decent and is drinking lots of water. I guess it goes to show when you're having aggressive treatment, this is what it's designed to do and no amount of nutrition or doing everything right can effect his counts. Thankfully he's stayed high up until this point. We're still praying that his counts rebound quickly and secondary infections or fevers stay out of list of things we have to worry about or that he has to endure.

Thanks for praying for Brayden. We'll keep everyone posted as soon as we know more. I've promised to leave Farmopoly set up on the dining room table for us to pick back up on this weekend. His sweet Uncle John got this for him a few years back. It's a super cute farm-spin version on Monopoly. Bryan and I couldn't help but laugh at how bad he was skunking us at it yesterday. He was so lucky! He had a ton of cash, many properties and inevitably I landed on his $200 rent EVERY TIME! We certainly are thankful that we got to have some fun with him this weekend. Here's hoping we're back soon and can pick it back up!

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