Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Injury Time-Out

We never really know or can expect from day to day how Brayden will do. Wednesday when we did chemo locally was interesting. He luckily kept his prep-meds down. They help prevent Brayden from getting a fever or getting sick from the chemo. He did good until we walked in...and he instantly started feeling nauseated. I think the environment is rough and maybe the anticipation of it had upset him. Bring on the distraction! Brayden was quick to call Nini (who thankfully lives just up the road) and the distraction was on her way! Mom's bag of tricks (or Mary Poppins bag) only goes so deep. But he definitely brought on the big guns with Nini. Before she got there, we had to take a quick run to the restroom. Just walking in put him over the edge. I don't know how he didn't get sick. I was never so happy to see a backdoor we quickly exited. The fresh air and breeze was a welcome distraction. He pulled it together (I don't know how) while looking at the clouds, breathing in the fresh air, and wishing we could just have chemo outside! The nurse was great to have some nausea med #3 ready to go for him. We're still too nervous to give nausea med #2 after that reaction. Thankfully, he got through chemo after the nausea med had taken effect and Nini was there to be her goofy self.
We've been planning our 4th of July weekend for a while as a distraction. We've used up almost all of our Hangman pages. But then there's Nini! We were both so thankful she came back home with us. My workday was VERY busy and I didn't want to work another weekend, so she was great to help us out. This was the first time I had asked, and I guess she knows if I have to ask, I must really need her. She jumped in and folded clothes, did dishes, scurbbed counters in a way she knows I would approve of! But more than anything, it was just great to be able to spend some time with her. We're so thankful for our family and wish they all were just up the road! The rest of the day Brayden did great! No nausea and he was pretty peppy later in the afternoon and evening.
Today, we called in the troops again, so thankfully Nini had the day off and could again join us for chemo. He did great! No nausea or extra meds needed, but I think we got out of there just in time. For some reason, they cook in there and the whole place smells like food! Yesterday they had food from a local Italian place brought in and we literally RAN out the door to avoid the smell! I'm not sure if kids have more of a smell sensitivity with chemo than adults, and since they normally don't do chemo for kids, maybe it's not a big concern? Anyway, it's at least better than the 4 hr drive to Little Rock! I wish we could have the best of both worlds with ACH being closer, but this is the way it is. We were SO happy to hear today that the local clinic CAN get the chemo meds for him, so we've got a 3 week (maybe 4 week depending on counts) break from the drive! YEAH! I'm hoping that will help us all rest up a little and recover from the lack of sleep! Not to mention how happy our car will be for the break!!
This afternoon, while I was working, Brayden was playing with Nini. I come out of the office to see Nini and Brayden enjoying an injury time-out. Brayden's leg is propped up while Nini's eye is covered with a cold cloth. Nini has a weird look on her face. "WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!" Nini and Brayden were quick to explain they were enjoying a fun little game of indoor soccer (with the mini nerf soccer ball) when Brayden kicked the ball right into Nini's eye!!! Then, he was running back for a kick and caught his toe on his basket of toys and fun stuff in the floor and got a cut. I can't believe they both were injured! After checking them both out, I HAD to grab the camera for the evidence. This was too much and instantly I had a title for the blog. Later, Brayden was recounting the story to Aunt Heather who was giving him a hard time for giving Nini a black eye. And we have Brayden's Quote of the Day: "No, I didn't give her a black eye! It was more purple or pink!"

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  1. Dear Brayden,
    I hope youre toe is getting better.we really miss you here at school!