Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Conquer Fears - Conquer Cancer

We need your help! We are hosting our 3rd Red Cross Blood Drive since Brayden's diagnosis. We are more fully aware than ever, on a very personal level, how critical blood donations are. Pediatric cancer and the aggressive chemo that goes with it literally kills the good and bad cells. So many kids are only able to continue fighting because of blood and platelet transfusions. We've had some scary moments at our local hospital and at Arkansas Children's Hospital being told they 'hoped' there was blood available. This is so hard for me to fathom. I guess this should cause us to realize the effect pediatric cancer can have. We hope there is always blood available for each child to continue their fight. Will you help us? Will you ask others to help us?

This is an incredible gift you can give this Christmas season - the gift of life. I know it's a busy time. We hoped having it this time would help, but we haven't gotten much response. If you can, please stop by or schedule an appointment to donate. This is our way of giving back to help other kids. Thankfully, Brayden hasn't had to have a blood transfusion in several months. We look at his blood work results each week to make sure he's not in the danger zone. Thank you for your help in conquering the fear so we can work together to keep the kids fighting and conquer cancer!
Help us donate - it is the most important gift you can give this Christmas!!

American Red Cross Blood Drive in honor of Brayden Jones

Friday, December 17th
Bentonville Plaza, Suite 835
12 to 6pm

Join us to help give back in honor of Brayden's fight against T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Since his diagnosis April 22, 2009, he's come a long way! He has 2 more years of treatment left and after some hiccups this summer, we're SO thankful for each blood donation to help him & others continue to fight. So many blood transfusions are needed for him & other kiddos enduring aggressive chemo treatments. We hope there is never a time when parents hear that blood is not available for their child. Thank you to those who have celebrated & donated with us last year in December & this year in May. Please join us again!
- Bryan, Lisa and Brayden Jones

Please remember to bring a photo id or your Red Cross Donor Card and to eat 1-2 hours before donating. To avoid a wait, please schedule an appointment at and enter sponsor code BENTONPLAZA.

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