Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebration Blood Drive

It's hard to imagine it's been 1 year tomorrow....1 year since our lives were forever changed. Although hardly a day goes by when we're not gripped by fear of the what-if's, we're so thankful for this gift of new life and 1 year we have been given with our sweet Brayden. A lot has changed since last year's ER visit, life flight to Arkansas Children's Hospital, ICU and the horrible diagnosis of a rare form of Leukemia, T-Cell ALL. Countless rounds of aggressive, high-risk Chemotherapy, Radiation, blood transfusions, and a year of missed school and times with friends tested our hearts and we've leaned on our love for one another and our faith to get us through. We're so thankful for all the prayers sent up on Brayden's behalf. We're thankful for little things today like another birthday, new baby hair growing back and his bald head becoming more of a memory, returning to school and friends and recess, a chance to go out to eat or see a movie or just play outside after so many days in strict isolation while his system was too weak to fight off even his own germs.

Brayden has been truly resilient and yet we have another 2 1/2 years to go with weekly chemo and monthly trips to Arkansas Children's Hospital while we long for the day we hear REMISSION. We want to celebrate Brayden's journey this past year since his diagnosis and all that he's endured by having another Blood Drive to give back. We have been personally touched by other donors and taking a few minutes to give blood and give back is such a priceless gift. Please help us honor Brayden's fight and sign up today to give blood! We want to help get enough donors in to reach our goal and are so thankful to all those who gave last time to help us surpass our goal! If you donated last time, you can give again!! Please join us on this special day of celebration Wednesday, May 12th, 9-3 at the Bentonville Plaza. You can drop in to donate or use the details below to secure your appointment time. Thank you in advance for your time & giving the gift of life!!

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  1. Brayden, we continue praying for you and excited that you are able to see your friends from school again. I will definitely plan on coming to your blood drive in May. Take care sweetie!

    The McCloskey's