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Jones Family
November 2009

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Uncle Danny

Brayden's sweet Uncle Danny wrote this for him. The day he sent it to me and Bryan we just lost it. It's so beautiful and was such an amazing way of sharing his special gift with Brayden in such a special way. I asked him if it was okay to post here and he agreed. I just never thought it would take me this long! We're so thankful for amazing friends in our lives who have truly brought so much more love and joy to each of us! We can't imagine this last year without you guys! You dropped everything to be with us in Little Rock when we heard the news. I'll never forget that horrible phone call to you & solid words back to tell Brayden his Uncle Danny was on his way. Oh, my heart broke into a million pieces. You stood strong with us in knowing Brayden would fight and make it through. You've laughed with us, worried with us, and we love you both so much!!

What do you think of in the morning
When the sun starts to rise
Most of us think coffee and work
And never really realize

For what is going on
Cause it’s hidden by their grins
It’s a deadly disease called cancer
Who knows when it started
Or how it might end

The journey is long and weary
And may last for years
Your faith will be tested
And your eyes full of tears

But he wears his grin
Just to show you how to be strong
For he is not afraid of the journey
Cause he knows he’s not alone

For in his eyes you can see
The power he has to win
So believe it in your hearts
As he already does with his grin

The space is now empty
Where once something was
He body is free
Of this deadly cause

It will take time
But the pace can be slow
Take this opportunity
To watch the little man grow

And I have one big wish
I would love to pass along
I wish all the other little grins
Were as strong as


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  1. Awwwww, okay, Nini is crying too! Brayden, you're Uncle Danny is so special to have written this to you! Wow! Papa & Nini are so, so grateful that God has surrounded you with people like Danny & Kathleen to shower you with more & more love & prayers & never-ending support! See how much you are loved, buddy? You're amazing & we're in awe of you!