Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Rock Update - Day 2

Today was the first day of school. We hope Brayden's friends and classmates and his new teacher this year for 4th grade had a GREAT first day. We talked about it and even though he's missing it, he said he can't wait to call in and talk to everyone and be back in school. The on-site teacher here at ACH was SO complimentary of Brayden's school and the success we've had thus far and our plans for him. Apparently many kids fall through the cracks and don't have as much support as we've been blessed to have. So a big THANK YOU to everyone at ACA! I've said again and again how thankful we've been to be a part of this school since Kindergarten.

Wow...what a stark contrast to yesterday we've experienced today. Brayden slept in until 10 and did NOT want to eat today. They've had him on continuous anti-nausea meds since last night. Oh yeah, last night. We didn't get to sleep until 11. I was so upset he didn't start his chemo until 11. I felt like we lost so much time that he could have been processing it and hopefully get to go early. He's had a few spurts of energy today which we've made the most of with visiting the garden, strolling halls and watching the rain roll in. His highlight of today was getting to go to the playroom and while playing Wii, 3 of the Arkansas Naturals baseball players walked in! One of them strolled over and introduced himself to Brayden and he was pumped to challenge this ball player to Wii baseball! The player was Colby (#11) and said he played Outfield. We figured we'd google him later and learn more since we follow the Hogs and the Rangers, but that's it. What a cool guy! Brayden confided to me later how nervous he was. They played a round of Home Run Derby and then bowling. The last set, no one had gotten a strike yet, and Brayden nailed one. What a great ending! Brayden gave him some fist bumps then a hug and couldn't stop saying thank you. On the way back to his room, he kept saying how cool that was and how much fun he'd had.

I'm a worried momma tonight, trying to encourage him to drink as much as he can. We ordered his dinner but after 2 bites, it's still sitting. He just doesn't feel up to it. This last bag of chemo will be done tonight at 11 and we'll know late tomorrow night approximately when he might get to go home. We're hoping for early Thursday but it totally is dependent upon his blood results and if the toxicity has left his system enough to be discharged.

It was great to see his Dr. and awesome Nurse today. Brayden was so proud to keep showing off his Picc line, that was FINALLY out of his arm! Beyond that, he was just eager to talk about hopefully getting away this weekend to swim. We're crossing our fingers it works out and he can enjoy a break. We're just praying that the nausea gets better tomorrow, he can keep drinking plenty, and NO MOUTH SORES!! He's resting a little now so I hope that will help and tomorrow can be a better day today.


  1. Hi Brayden this is Ben.
    I hope to hear you over the phone in the classroom soon. Can't wait until you get back

  2. Let Brayden know that Ken will be SO JEALOUS, that he got to play Wii baseball with the Naturals. He'll have to tell us all about it. How cool is that? We'll pray for the good news that he gets to come home Thursday.

    Talk to you all soon,

  3. Brayden, I am jealous you got to play Wii with the Naturals! That is awesome. I have been to some of the games this year. Now i like them even more!
    You are in our prayers. My niece started pre-K at your school on Tuesday. I just know she will love it. It sounds like you have the best school ever.
    Donna Feyen