Jones Family

Jones Family
November 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Side Effects, Friends & Stars

Wow. Some things have caught up with us. We've had two ugly nauseating days that have made me thankful today was our last dose of this round of chemo medicine that's ugly. We'll need that two week break. Yes, more meds are constantly on-going and he'll have a new 2-week regimen Wednesday with other meds. But this one was taking its toll. We're thankful no fever! We're also thankful to be able to go to the local clinic both days while getting chemo and get souped up with iv meds. Today we had to go a little farther with 2 more meds, but we finally were able to get some relief for Brayden. Bless his heart, he's had a rough day today. His nurse was awesome and so sweet. He was able to keep a little food down finally last night and we were up again at 5:40 this morning. We started right in with the anti-nausea medication hoping it would help. It didn't take care of all of it. So we were so happy to be able to keep chemo-prep meds down the second time and make it all the way to clinic 40 minutes away just in time for some iv help. I was so thankful being able to be there to help him with every drip of iv medicine and fluids that were filling him back up, preventing dehydration. After 2 hours in clinic and a long drive home, I finally let out a sigh of relief when he was able to drift off for a nap. We were able to get a couple of sips of water in before we moved him to his bed.
It's amazing how thankful you become for downing an entire bottle of water, in sips, but still those 8oz are precious! He was able to keep down some dinner (bread and bland pasta) and it couldn't make me smile bigger to see him eat! I kept checking and breathing prayers of thanks every time his head is cool. We're praying tomorrow is easier for him. It was tough to see him hurting yesterday and today. As a mom, it just screams against every instinct you have to see your baby in pain.
Mouth sores caught up with us last Tuesday. They aren't too bad and we're hoping they stay less severe and go away! He has a nasty mouthwash that probably isn't easing the nausea. It sure doesn't make eating or drinking fun with them. But he's pushing through and rinsing anyway and making it happen!
We were so blessed to see some bloggie friends today at clinic. God is awesome! We will be praying for you & your family! We were also very thankful to get to see some neighbors and good friends Friday evening we've had for longer than Brayden's been here! It did Brayden so good to get to share popsicles and play light sabers and ball with Gracie & Logan. He used up energy he didn't know he had! Who would have thought he was so sick a few hours earlier and just had chemo!!!
Last night was a special night. Earlier in the day when Brayden was at clinic and feeling so awful, he whispered to me he wanted to take our blanket outside, lay in the grass, and look at the stars. Just like we did another time before. YOU BET WE CAN! Anything for my sweet boy. So last night, with a 10-minute rotation cycle update of daylight check from Brayden, we finally ventured into the yard with our blankets and enjoyed the beauty of the starry summer night. Wasn't the moon amazing! We're taking it all in. We're thankful for the moments that take our breath away.
I forced Bryan to make an appearance on the bloggie. Brayden's feeling better finally (12 hrs later) and they're enjoying some Daddy-son time playing with toys from our friends at Mega Blocks given to us while at ACH. I just LOVE this picture! I'll run for now and join in this special family time together. Enjoy this beautiful weekend!!


  1. Love the picture!!! We had a blast hanging out with you guys Friday night. I'm so sorry he struggled the rest of the weekend, but glad the clinic could help. Sending our love and prayers that each day is better.

    Until we can play again.

    Trish, Ken , Gracie, and Logan

  2. We are praying for you guys. Whatever we can do to help, PLEASE don't hesitate. You guys are so strong, and I admire your perseverance and strength.

    Carlinda & Jacob Perez

  3. Glad to see the picture of Bryan and Brayden together, pictures say a thousand words. Those 2 look like 2 peas in a pod you have your hands full girl. Praying for your family through this tough time.

    Shanna Tucker